guide to hexchat

Installing hexchat

Linux, Unix, *BSD

Ubuntu and derivated

Open a terminal and run
  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/hexchat-stable
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install hexchat


Download the deb file from and open it to install.

General / Other variants

The general installation guide for *NIX systems is to query the package database. Some distros, such as ArchLinux include hexchat in their repository. Otherwise you may compile hexchat from source. Since this is a n00b guide, I will not cover that topic. Alternatively, you might look for xchat, which is the predecessor of hexchat.

Windows and ReactOS

If an error message appears about a missing dll, download and install the "Visual C++ Redistributable" from the hexchat download site.

Configuring hexchat for BlaatNET

When you launch hexchat the first time, it will show a network list, click "add"

1. click add

Type BlaatNET and press Enter

2. Type BlaatNET and press Enter

Click edit

3. Click edit

Click newserver/6667

4. Click newserver/6667

Type and press Enter.

5. Type and press Enter

Check the SSL checkboxes and the auto connect checkbox as shown in the picture

6. Check the SLL checkboxes and autoconnect

Click auto join channels

7. Click auto join channels

Click add

8. Click add

Type #blaatschaap and press Enter

9. Type #blaatschaap and press Enter

Click close

10. Click close

Check the skip at startup checkbox and click connect.

11. Check the skip at startup checkbox and click connect